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The Motions of Anxiety

A warm nauseating feeling in my stomach tells me something is wrong. I reflect on the day and think back to conversations that I may have slighted someone during... Yet, nothing comes to mind. However, my heart begins to pick up pace. People tell me I'm a good person, but I feel as if I have committed treason against those who love me. I'm trying to put my finger on a nonexistent bill I forgot to pay. I begin to sweat, I want to scream but in this social setting it's unacceptable. So, I smile instead. It puts minds at ease and answer silent prayers from loud eyes. I want to be fine but I messed something up, something I cannot remember. In this setting outside my four walls of comfort I am p

Death After Life

The names all blend to none. Sadly I've lost so many I can't remember who or for what. The noble death or the unjust cause seem irrelevant to my memory. Perhaps it's a glitch in my emotional matrix. Am I broken? Am I fragments of the whole me? I treasure life but all I've grown to know is death. I want to cry but I cannot for I am a dry riverbed. I pour myself into joy but it's already a full glass of sorrow. I couldn't even tell you if I'm sad anymore. My head is held high but the weight from my pride burdens my tired body. The soldier I was does not define the fatigued man in front of you. Maybe I'm just a shadow of that kid who loved me but I know I deserve more..... maybe tomorrow will h

Revered leader's, who was KIA, words now becoming part of Project Refit's "Blue Skies&q

"Blue Skies, boys, blue skies." - CSM Martin Barreras Martin Barreras was an American Army non-commissioned officer who held the rank of Command Sergeant Major and played a crucial role in the rescue of Jessica Lynch in 2003. He was also one of Dan's, and many others, most revered leaders in the Army. When the unit would come back to base from a mission where nothing negative happened, CSM Barreras would say, "blue skies, boys." This represented peace, safety, and relaxation to the men and women he served with. It would mean you're back at base refitting the vehicles and your person, getting ready for the next mission. In 2014 the VA conducted a study that said, "those who received encourage



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