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Mobile Base

Mobile Bases will be the Social Encouragement epicenter for getting veterans and first responders to participate in mental health programs and initiatives. 

Our goal with the Mobile Base is to have a dedicated spot for the military and first responder communities at almost all popular events around New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Maryland, and Delaware regions.   

This space is ideal for military and first responder families to come and be around those who share similar experiences. This will be an attractive, fun, and engaging program that excites the military and first responder families to come out of their homes and reintegrate with society! 

And in case anything happens, say a military veteran is trying to combat his or her fear of fireworks and PTS(D) is triggered, we are there.   


Mobile Base will have two employees. Most will employ at least one veteran or a retired first responder. 

Mobile Bases are estimated to cost about $250K each and this includes everything (operations, gas, insurance, food, etc.)

Each Mobile Base will also feature a mobile app. The mobile app will be used to check-in at the base, communicate with Project Refit, connect with people met at the base, find base locations, where bases are going next, and more. 

Support a Base for:

  • Your Company

  • Your Family (Sibling, child, parent, etc.)

  • Your Town, City, Municipality

  • Education (Product, Mission, Topic, Service, etc.)

  • Community growth and support

  • And more...

Sky's the limit


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