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A few times a year we put together community missions where we show up to an injured veteran, military member, police officer, fire fighter, or emt to help them out with home projects. Volunteers for these missions are named "Spec Ops" because we can be deployed anywhere in the country at the drop of a hat.  

A Recent Community Mission

A US Marine's family needed some financial support while he was away getting treatment for his mental wounds of war. We went into action and within 2 Days we had organized a Car Show!


With the help of our volunteers and partner organizations, we rallied the community to raise $5,382 in cash and $500 in gift cards to a grocery store for a total of $5,882!


Take part in a mission! 

Our stories range from helping out the veteran down the street to traveling literally thousands of miles to give someone support in a time of need.

Want to go on one of these amazing missions?! Let us know! 

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