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Revered leader's, who was KIA, words now becoming part of Project Refit's "Blue Skies&q

"Blue Skies, boys, blue skies." - CSM Martin Barreras

Martin Barreras was an American Army non-commissioned officer who held the rank of Command Sergeant Major and played a crucial role in the rescue of Jessica Lynch in 2003. He was also one of Dan's, and many others, most revered leaders in the Army.

When the unit would come back to base from a mission where nothing negative happened, CSM Barreras would say, "blue skies, boys." This represented peace, safety, and relaxation to the men and women he served with. It would mean you're back at base refitting the vehicles and your person, getting ready for the next mission.

In 2014 the VA conducted a study that said, "those who received encouragement to seek treatment were more likely to receive mental health care than those who were not encouraged."

Essentially, it our "Blue Skies" app becomes a battle buddy approach for anyone fighting negative thoughts and struggling to understand who they are now.

Because of Drexel University we are able to follow through on this mission. We are going to be launching our app "Blue Skies" within 10 months time.

Now it's up to us to raise the money to launch the Mobile Base to consistently help support these military and first responders, both past and present, in-person and online.

Read more about our Mobile Base here.

For questions on how to partially or fully sponsor a Mobile Base please email James Corbett at

R.I.P. CSM Martin Barrares


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