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Inner Thoughts of Grunt


I cannot talk about the issues inside my head.

I was repurposed from innocence into freedom's gladiator.

Oh, how the crowds would cheer at the bloodshed beneath my feet.

They Chanted lyrics from old songs to support my cause... But the words bring anguish not pride.

You see, I never asked to be someone's hero.

Desire to dwell in solitude It is not a question of "how" but "why?" I have the keys to a coward way out...

But my heart stops me from unlocking those gates.

So I stroll through this life Cold, alone, tired, and never feeling adequate to the crowds adoring eyes.

I am lost Though I have a map...

I am disoriented yet I control a compass...

I contain all the pieces but I am never whole.

Sanity slips away and returns in bouts...

Love comes and goes.

Like a slow, beautiful breeze brushing at my fingertips, I feel all emotions...

And ::SNAP:: they are gone.

Laughter is too loud

Silence too quiet

I am misguided and I struggle to be society's normal.

Comfort has become uncomfortable

Chaos has become my friend.

So, I drown but it's bringing me peace.


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