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Project Refit on Patreon

Patreon, a site that helps people and non-profits get paid by an audience to bring products, services, and creations to life. Project Refit will be using this platform to raise the money necessary for the Mobile Bases.

Mobile Bases will be playing a key role in the function of Project Refit. Not only will this help Project Refit with marketing the Blue Skies mobile app, but also interact in person more consistently with veterans and first responders.

Mobile Bases will have a mobile application to be used by people to check-in at different Mobile Bases. When a user does check-in we ask "are you a (a) Veteran, (b) First Responder, or (c) Family member?"

When a user selects "Family member" we will send that user training on how to interact with their loved one better, identify PTSD/TBI/Depression/Anxiety, and potentially help the family member influence their loved one that is struggling to get help.

The Mobile Base check-in app is already under development. Now all we need is to get the money for the Mobile Base (a truck and trailer).

The only way we can keep making the leaps and bounds of growth and improvement is with your help.

Check out our Patreon page here. It is live now. If you have suggestions on how we can improve it, please email us at

Thank you for all of your help so far and in the future.

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