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"22 a day" is wrong, it's "20" BUT the Risk of Suicide is Higher Than Ever..

Yes, you read that title correctly.

You see statistics are weird. Very manipulatable. Hard to decipher what's actually going on, until you really dig into what's behind the numbers.

So, the rate of suicide among veterans has decreased, meaning the "22 a day" is wrong. It's more like 20 a day. But, this is NOT a good thing. In fact, the risk of suicide is HIGHER than ever. Also, Rajeev Ramchand (an epidemiologist who studies suicide for the RAND Corporation) said, “It is not a helpful number.” This echos the sentiments of a number of researchers in the field. “It doesn’t tell us anything. People should stop using it.”


So, what is happening here?

Well, WWII and Korean War veterans are dying off of old age, which decreases the number of veterans still alive. With a decrease in the actual number of veterans alive it decreases the "22" to "20" suicides a day. This could lead one to believe suicide risk is declining.

Actually the suicide rate is increasing.

Here are some more crazy numbers outlining the suicide rate: