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Project Refit is a young non-profit with a blueprint...

Our blueprint is simple.

We have plans to grow and expand beyond just software. We have goals and we are going to tell you what they are. We are letting the world know our goals because maybe someone (like you?) would like to:

  • Fund us

  1. Monthly Donation

  2. Facebook Fundraiser

  3. Birthday

  4. Randomly

  5. Grant

  6. Check

  7. Cash

  8. Purchase Project Refit gear

  9. Come to Project Refit events

  • Help us make one of the goals come to life

Goal 1

Launch a NEW peer-to-peer support platform to connect veterans, either past or present. We have launched a platform already but need a new one. We have a developer lined up willing to do it for us for $5,000. (<- this is an INCREDIBLE price!)

Idea 1a. Launch two more applications for First Responders and family members of veterans and first responders. The cost for this idea could fluctuate if we use private development companies. To control the cost, Project Refit aims to hire a few developers IN HOUSE to control the cost. Having in house development would allow us too consistently improve existing applications faster. Improvements would be new features to improve the virtual experience of connecting veterans and their families.

Goal 2

Purchase a car for a veteran community in South Jersey.

We aren't talking like a brand spanking new vehicle. We are thinking something affordable. Joe Decrosta, from Decrosta Auto Detailing, is going to be donating money towards the purchase of the vehicle and detailing it for us!

Cost = $1,500 - $2,500

Goal 3

Mobile group therapy and/or hangout truck and trailer for veterans and families. They would be called, "Mobile Bases." We would like to have a few Mobile Bases one day. These Mobile Bases would go to fairs, craft-shows, large festivals, concerts, etc., which are set up so veterans can have a hangout or place to go if needed. There are too many times where some veterans get uncomfortable, have panic attacks, episodes of PTSD flashbacks, and more at large events but feel as if they don't have somewhere to go -> we would like to change that.

Also, these Mobile Bases would travel to areas where Homeless Veterans reside. We would try and gather information on local employers who are open to hiring homeless veterans. We plan on doing this by partnering with local veteran focused organizations.

Cost per van, per year = ~$200,000+ (This includes purchase of van, gas, insurance, custom outfitting of the van, hiring at least two people to operate the van at $50K-60K salary, and more.)

EDIT: After crunching numbers we realize the cost will be around $250K per

Goal 4

Host a few events per year bringing veterans and the community together. We will create a repeatable process that can be replicated easily by volunteers around the country.

Cost = Unknown (This will come with experience.)

Goal 5

"Monthly Donor Program" where monthly donors get updates on progress, discounts to Project Refit hosted events, and (hopefully) Project Refit gear.

Goal 6

Hire as many veterans transitioning out of the military as possible into Project Refit. We want to grow. We want to hire men and women dedicated to supporting their fellow brothers and sisters.

This is our blueprint.

These our some of our "secrets".

We ask you support us

We hope to continue to collaborate with non-profits around the South Jersey area and eventually the country.

Thank you for reading our goals. Please reach out if you would like to help us make any of these become a reality.

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