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Military handed you the plan for years, now what?

Yup, that's something -> you were told what to do for so f*cking long.

Now you're out.

You miss your buddies.

You miss the bullshit.

You miss thinking of funny shit to tell your buddies to pass the time.

It was simple. It was easy. It was dangerous, sometimes (depending on the position).

But, for most it was listen -> do -> repeat.

Now you have to think for yourself. You have to make decisions for yourself. You have to find yourself again. Civilians don't seem to understand your sense of humor. You don't like the entitlement some civilians seem to have.

You were taught we are equal.

No man is better than another.

We all bleed the same.

To succeed you need a team.

That's something else you seem to miss, too... the team.

Back to being lost and feeling like you cannot survive like this.

Well, guess what?

You are equipped to be self-reliant. You can make decisions to survive because that's what you were taught to do. Remember? Yeah, you really are ready to grab life by the balls.

You can do this.

Survival is possible.

Don't worry about other people. Focus on listening to authority above you (to a healthy extent, of course). Keep your head down and do your job. Finding yourself will be tough but it's a part of survival (again, the very thing you innately know how to do). You can get out in the world and continue to fight for something bigger than yourself. Find a cause or company you love and work towards getting a position or improving the situation.

F*cking survive. You got this. If you need to vent, contact Project Refit on Facebook or Instagram anytime. We are here.

Non solum pugnare (No Longer Fight Alone)

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