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Some seek treatment because the person causing the trauma NEEDS treatment...

Stay with us here..

Many vets, and other people, who struggle with PTS are at times too afraid to reach out for help. There is a (truly) weird stigma around less than optimal mental health. It's like we believe shaming people for seeking help regarding a trauma, sometimes (meaning "not always") caused by a person who needs treatment him or herself, is shameful. Trauma, however, is not always caused by a person. There are of course traumatic events or *patterns that happen.

I remember a show, a great show, that spoke about friendly neighbors. This show spoke about taking care of our fellow (wo)man, no matter the color of his or her skin. The host would speak about kindness to others, but also kindness towards oneself.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

It was Fred Rogers' show exploring the idea of caring about our neighbors. It was also this show which explored the idea of taking care of yourself to be a better neighbor. We have to get over this idea it is shameful, wrong, weak, or some other BS negative stigma, to get help or talk about what caused the trauma or even the traumatic event.

We assure you it's not.

In fact, it is probably the most important thing you could do for yourself and your community. You might feel like you cannot serve your community anymore -> well guess what!? Getting help is doing just that. You will become a better partner, friend, and neighbor.

But most important you will become a better YOU. You will learn more about how to make yourself happy. You will learn what makes you smile, laugh, cry, sad, and otherwise.

However ...

Do not do it alone. No Longer Fight Alone (Non Solumn Pugnare). Fuck Stigma (Futuo Stigma).

*"Patterns" in this context is talking about repeated events such as a tank operator that developed PTS from being locked inside a boiling tank. The operator could now be claustrophobic and maybe even triggered while sitting in a hot car. This is just an example; there are many others.

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