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Imagine losing your life while alive...

You wouldn't believe what is bottled up. You wouldn't understand what is going on in our heads. We scan rooms, head on a swivel, wondering where a threat is. Some of us cannot turn it off.

We lose ...




Sometimes, family.

The stress causes our bodies to disfunction. We gain or lose an obscene amount of weight. We eat too much or nothing at all. Muscles tighten, harming our bodies. Chemicals in our bodies are in flux.

We are ...





Short tempered.


We don't want to be this way. We don't want to look at someone who is seemingly harmless and despise them. There is anger and regret inside that is aiding these feelings.

Sometimes, even, there are ...

Memories lost.

Actually, that may be one of the worst things: losing our memories. Imagine that for a second.... imagine losing your life while alive. Can you seriously imagine that for a second? Maybe you have experienced this. You get it. You understand that sadness.

Imagine if you lost these memories on the battlefield. You were killed in combat but you are still alive. Can you imagine how confusing this is?

That happens to some of us. That happens.


Let it sink in.

You are DEAD but alive.

What we ask is that you remind people who suffer from PTSD that they are alive. They are very much real. That the love you feel for them is real. Remind them it's okay to be frustrated. It's okay to have these mixed emotions. Allow them to be upset. Listen to them. Help them get help.

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