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How Music Could Help People with PTSD Communicate...

This is a post anyone can relate to. Mental anguish is the deepest of wounds. Physical wounds heal. At times scars are left, but only the mind can hold, let go of, or accept the memory associated to the scar. Mental wounds aren't like physical. A person's consciousness is not made up of bacteria designed to heal wounds. Consciousness is abstract, one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. Before writing this I went to YouTube and found some concentration music. I clicked the link and now I am typing. The music seems to bring me to a place I want to be. The harmonious and predictable beat allows my mind to focus on the task at hand. Music is written for all people. Music has messages and at times those messages are easier to understand than others. But what if a song's message was used to interpret feelings in a moment?

For those who suffer from PTSD, it may be a way to explain their feelings and thoughts to loved ones. "I can't explain what I am going through but if you put on 'X' ("X" being whatever song is to be listened to) I think you might get a sense of what I am going through right now."

Music and art have been corner stones of civilization for thousands of years. Oral history is passed down from generation to generation, at times through music. This illustrates and proves communication through music is not so far fetched. Next time you're having trouble and someone wants to help but you don't think they will understand, give them a song to listen to. Give them a chance to help understand you. But, most importantly never stop giving yourself a chance to be understood.

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