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PTSD Irritability

One of my greatest struggles is with irritability. Like an avalanche, once it starts it’s best to make way and wait for it to pass. With irritability comes anger. One thing can set someone off. In that moment almost nothing can easily change the emotion. While attending a therapy session I had to fill out a questionnaire - you know, the one where you color a circle on a scale of one to five, “how does this make you feel?”

Well afterwards, the issue was realized. Once an issue is admitted therapists become drug dealers. They have access to every drug on the market. I can totally see how this could be a field day for an addict. But if you are like me you don't like being medicated. You would rather fight this sober than be a numb, high zombie. There are so many ways to cope but here are some of my favorites: My favorite is listening to music. Throw on your headphones and tune everyone out. The music can speak to me better than anything else. It brings me to a place where no one can touch me.

However, this may not be the answer for you.

Maybe you could try traveling to a distant world through a book. It is something I do when I want to get away from triggers and/or unwanted thoughts. It is beautiful. Escaping reality, that is. Leave the negative emotions on the front cover. If you don’t, you won’t enjoy the story or mental vacation.

It isn't healthy to continue being angry. It’s like a slow poison that builds up inside of you and turns your hair gray. It’s like being super drunk and you can’t control or function your body properly. You have to allow your conscious self to ask you're anxious self, “why are you getting angry over this situation?” Obviously, this is easy to say. Actual implementation takes practice. Like a drug addict or alcoholic, you have to want to stop. In this case, it’s stopping the anger and letting the little things get to you.

Another way to take the burn of anger away is deep breathing. Sit and take a deep breath through your nose and close your eyes. Let your breath out slow through your mouth or nose. Focus on it. Imagine your breath is snow rolling over your lips or geysers of water escaping through your nose. Do this a couple of times.


Eventually, your mind will allow you to see and feel these effects. You will eventually become so immersed in this you will forget your anger or irritability. You will have reset yourself. For someone who is close to a PTSD sufferer and that person is irritable you must do the same. Don't focus on the negativity, we don't mean it. We are acting in self-defense because we feel threatened. It is not you, please understand that. We feel as if we are back in one of the situations that haunts us. I know this sounds like it is the wrong thing to do but we want to be left alone. We want to be by ourselves to process what is happening, however long that takes us. But please continue to love us. Please do not give up on us. Just let us know you love and support us. Tell us to come to you when we are okay. Hug us but ask first. Kiss us but ask first. But please always be there for us.

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