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Grateful Challenge!

Join the fight by bringing ACTION to Awareness for PTSD Awareness month by doing the Grateful Challenge! 

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Project Refit is a community-driven organization that provides peer support programs for veterans and first responders. Our mission is to empower these brave individuals by offering a safe and supportive environment where they can connect with others who have shared experiences. Through our various programs, we aim to improve mental health, foster personal growth, and promote overall well-being. Join us on this journey as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those who have served our country and communities.


Project Refit started this organization with the idea of "it's not about me." We are looking for men and women who want to grow together. We are not here to make a new celebrity or hero. We are looking for men and women who want to be better husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, friends, sons, daughters, and everything in between. We want to see you succeed. We want you to find your voice.


It is not about me; it is about us.

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Fireteam step-by-step development process

Refit (v): a restoration or repair

To "Refit" in the military is to regroup at your FOB (Forward Observation Base), clean the vehicles, restock inventory, and get ready for the next mission. Project Refit has a simple, but powerful mission to combat isolation. We are accomplishing our mission by building a unique community program for veterans, first responders, and families.


We will show up to events and places where our target audience is and wishes to be.  



Come with us on one of our healing retreats! Find out where we are going next and see if you can come along!



The Mobile Base is designed to fit into YOUR life! We meet you where you are at. Concerts, stadiums, local fairs, and more!

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Every Monday and Friday at 9 PM EST we bring together veterans, first responders, and family members to chat. Monday's live streamed!

Peek into


Peek into Retreats

Ways to get


A Tattoo Convention for Veterans and First Responders

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Start a fundraiser


Rock Our


A veteran showing off the Project Refit T-shirt and hat while practicing with his bow
A veteran and his cousin repping Project Refit gear!



Project Refit

Hire Project Refit to conduct an Active Listening class or professional retreat. Reach out now to get pricing.

Veteran Network from Comcast

It's said soldiers are reborn in the military and their brothers and sisters are those they serve with. This family is important to them and losing touch can be difficult. Project Refit is looking to reunite them with each other when they need it most.


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