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Volunteers needed for "Night Out"

Project Refit has been growing and reaching a lot of people recently. We are looking to partner with organizations or individuals that can help us expand our reach to get monthly donors for the Mobile Base.


That's not what we need the volunteers for. We are in need of volunteers to help us grow the Project Refit Night Out event. We need people, restaurants, and activities who want to help start a Project Refit Night Out in their community.

Project Refit would come to your town and show you how to start your own Night Out.

It will be a commitment!

There is not a question that you must commit at least 2-3 days per month to make this work well.

1-2 Days for planning and executing

1 Day/Night for the actual event

Project Refit will create the graphics for you and, again, come help you set up the first one! Example graphic below:

Contact me, James, at if you're interested.

Looking forward to helping get it started.

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