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June 29, 2017

“When I’m at war all I think about is home, When I am home all I think about is war,”- That is a quote I’ve heard several times since returning home from downrange and it is 100% accurate. Once your foot touches American soil, immediately you go down the checklist of a...

Ancient Greek mythology told a story of a man who had to carry a boulder up a mountain and once he reached the top, the boulder would fall back down for him to carry up again. This was the story of Sisyphus.

There could be many analogies drawn between Sisyphus and the c...

Do not shut down. Do not block yourself out. PTSD is winning right now. You fought. You stepped over dead bodies. You were shot at. You struggled with loss. Noises were loud and your brothers' and sisters' lives needed protecting when those noises came. Thunderous expl...

A quote from a book I am reading - 'Warrior's Return: Restoring the Soul After War' - states:

"In Norse mythology, the king-god Odin gave an eye for wisdom. What if this wound (PTSD) is the eye we pay for wisdom and the path to it? Can we understand traumatic wounding n...

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February 3, 2020

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